• Quality Services

    Offering superior consulting solutions for organizations around the world. Our experience and expertise ensures quality above and beyond what our clients expect from us.

  • Client First

    Building meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients is our foremost aim. For us, the client is the king and you can expect to be treated that wayWe place our clients’ interests before ours, ensuring their success and long-term growth.

  • Global Connections

    Connecting you to key players in the corporate world, including senior managers at leading organizations and other professionals with an expert insight in today’s competitive business environment.

  • Proven methodologies

    Keeping up with industry trends for your benefit by taking into account cutting-edge best business practices as suggested by our team of experts.

  • Wide network

    Through our worldwide regional offices, we have built a very extensive partnership network allowing us to make sure we can leverage the most specific expertise in the world to help our local clients.

  • Result Oriented

    Focusing on achieving the goals you define instead of simply offering advice and then stepping away. We help you create a blueprint for success you can easily follow.


Today’s economic landscape is constantly changing, forcing organizations more than ever to adapt efficiently to sustain their position in a strongly competitive global marketplace. At Globalkorp Consulting we approach every client engagement from a “Result-oriented” perspective. The diversity of our engagements allow us to tap into unexplored possibilities and to find innovative solutions. Our service offer has been built based on a connected approach integrating deep strategic, industry and functional expertise with tools & capabilities allowing us to define clear strategic direction, to drive efficient execution and to deliver measurable results. Through our result-driven approach, organizations sustain improvements long after a project ends.


We advise organizations around the world on defining their strategic direction, identifying, developing, & implementing winning strategies.

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We help our clients build robust organizations through major change & transformation programs that drive significant and accelerated performance.

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We work with every function in the organization to help them move beyond recommendations, build long lasting functional excellence.

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Through our cutting edge tools, analytics and expertise, we deliver customized services driven by our operational efficiency approach.

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About Us

At Globalkorp Consulting, our clients are our passion and helping them achieve their objectives is our ultimate goal. We are a result-oriented global consulting & services firm delivering all in one solutions in strategy, transformation, performance and operations. We partner with corporations, small & mid-sized businesses, governments, startups and non-profits to help them achieve outstanding measurable results.

Our core strengths are based on a number of pillars, which includes our founders, who have built their careers delivering superior quality services to their clients, while working for premium management consulting & Big4 firms such as Ernst & Young. With our global connections, we put you in front of the right people.

With offices in the United States, Europe, Asia & Africa, we are positioned to deliver results across the board, no matter where your business takes you. Using a strong partnership network and proven methodologies, we are uniquely positioned to work with companies to take advantage of globalization and embrace expansion.

Within the consulting industry, most of the firms see their clients only as customers. At Globalkorp Consulting we see leaders, we see innovators, we see visionnaires, we see change makers and organization shapers. These are the individuals who are making impact, those are the organizations who are pushing the world forward.


A deep understanding of our clients’ challenges make us the perfect partner to help them embrace performance


In an increasingly globalized and volatile marketplace, we help large companies define, implement & monitor their strategic vision through our deep understanding of their overall dynamic.

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Mid-Sized Businesses

In an evolving environment, Mid-sized businesses are facing more competitive pressure than ever. With our expertise and global network, we help them build a strong foundation to explore and embrace the opportunities offered by globalization.

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Small Businesses

The main challenge of small companies is to focus on their core business without losing visibility on the other aspects of their activity. We help them extend their customer base and use the most innovative resources to stay ahead of their competition.

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In this post crisis era, governments are now aware that the overall economic stability is strongly correlated with their ability to optimize their resources. Beyond tax and debt, we advise governments on new revenue augmentation streams and expenditure reduction strategies to revive economic growth.

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Startups of today become the businesses of tomorrow by investing early on in having the right partners. Our global presence and connections make us the right fit to guide them from the idea stage to building tomorrow’s biggest businesses.

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With decreasing government and corporate aids, non profits are subject to more demand to show concrete results. Our deep understanding of the non-profit eco-system make us the perfect partners to guide them toward achieving their mission.

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Our services are the lifeblood of our organization and how we deliver them is of great importance to us.

Over the years, we have developed an infrastructure geared towards helping organizations achieve their strategic goals.

Our teams of experienced and seasoned advisers with the requisite knowledge to help our clients solve their problems and prepare for the future. Through our focus on quality, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients.

We have the tactical and technical nous to help our clients but we offer something more than that. We enable them to prepare for the future. We have the professionals you need to make your organization proactive and embark on a path that guarantees future success.

We follow our ‘3D’ methodology when approaching a project, namely diagnose, design and deliver. The first step is to diagnose the problem our client brings to us. Based on our diagnosis, we design a plan which we will follow to execute the project in the form of deliverables, the 3rd D.

  • Diagnose

    We perform a complete organizational assessment covering every aspect of the project allowing us to clearly assess the client situation to recommend effective solutions.

  • Design

    We design the solution, the strategy, the plan based on our findings and expertise to deliver the expected results based the client initial objective.

  • Deliver

    We implement the strategy we have designed leading the final delivery of the objectives defined by the client.

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